Thung Khe Hill Clim Competition 2015

Thung Khe Hill Clim Competition 2015 was held on May 30 and 31, 2015. This is an amateur racing organized annually at Thung Khe pass by members of Redriver MXtrack. The pass belongs to Northwest of Vietnam and it is a popular stop of our Vietnam Motorbike Tours when riding to this region.

Thung Khe is a very high and dangerous pass which located in Tan Lac commune, Hoa Binh province. Lying on National Highway 6, this pass connects arteries of the Northwest. This racing track has a total length of 200m which starts from the valley and ends at the summit of the pass. The slope factor of 50° together with macadam covered surface make the racing track a big challenge to any racers who want to conquer it. And in fact, although the competition has been held twice, no one has been successful in conquering it. 

This competition has attracted many dirt-bikers from different provinces in the North of Vietnam. The youngest is 20 and oldest is 39. This year, the person who gains the best record is 37 year-old dirt-biker Thanh Tonkin when he can climb up to 150m with Yamaha WR450cc.
And now is the photos and video of this Competition:
Video: Nguyen Hong Vy
Pics: Vy& Kinhgiangdang
Content: ADV Vietnam Motorcyce Tours and Dirtbike Travel