Ta Phin Village Being Very Famous for Brocades

Ta Phin village is 12km far from Sapa town on the northwest. This village is home to 2 ethnic groups: Dao and H’mong peoples. This village is very famous for brocade, so it is normally called “Ta Phin brocade village”. Come to Ta Phin, tourists can enjoy beautiful scenery, cultural richness of ethnic people via many different festivals.
Riding Motorcycle Tours Vietnam to Sapa, you should spend a day to visit Ta Phin village. In recent years, when tourism in Sapa has developed quickly, it leads to the fact that there is a high demand of trading brocades for tourists who want to buy a lot of brocades as special souvenir. Because of this reason, Ta Phin brocade village has been set up since 1998.
Ta Phin brocade products are diverse in forms and colors which are very eye-catching. Main products are knapsacks, travel bag, coat, the scarf, handbag, purse…All products are made by skillful hands of Black H’mong and Dao women. Most of sophisticated decoration patterns are flowers, leaves, birds that are easy to draw attention of tourists. 
The products here are exported on spot by being sold directly to tourists or in-directly to shops in Sapa market or in Sapa town. This kind of product is very well-known that many brocade exhibitions were hold in fairs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Many organizations and businessmen from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city order brocades made in Ta Phin village to sell for their customers. Ta Phin brocade products are exported to many countries such as USA, France, Denmark…
Brocade is an indispensable gift for visitors arriving in Sapa. To ethnic peoples in mountainous region, brocade is not only used as a part of their beauty and decoration but also memorial symbol of love and used in wedding. Decoration features on brocade are very deep in quintessence and very rich of traditional which make Sapa brocade very different from brocades of other regions.
If you join Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Ta Phin, do not forget to bring some brocade products back home.
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