The Special Dish in Ha Giang

 “Lam” rice (rice in bamboo tube) Bac Me is one of the specialties in Ha Giang. This is a favourite dish to many tourists and they always bring them back home as special gift whenever coming to Ha Giang. Once you try them, you will never forget.
Ha Giang is a very popular destination in our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. Ha Giang is famous for tasty and attractive specialities and all specialities are made by the local people; therefore, they are all reflex the culture of the maker. If you have an opportunity to visit Ha Giang, please come to Bac Me, you will be invited to try delicious Lam rice Bac Me. This is a very amazing dish.
Lam rice is cooked in bamboo tube. Tube’s mouth was covered with fresh leaves or dried banana leaves.  After that, it will be grilled on charcoal fire. An hour later or more (according to rice or dimension of tube), glutinous rice inside the tube will have fragrant smell coming out, a sign that the rice is cooked. Local people always bring this dish it to the field for the dish can keep for long time without rancidity.  
It is very simple and inexpensive to make Lam rice. Local people will choose the ingredients very carefully. Rice is the most important ingredient and it must be glutinous rice which is grown on kaingins.  After that, glutinous rice is thoroughly soaked in water. The selection of rice is the most important factor because we decided majority of the tasty and fragrant of Lam rice. Glutinous rice after soaked and washed carefully will be mixed with a little salt. 
To cook Lam rice Bac Me, glutinous rice is not enough, you need to have bamboo tube, bamboo stalks which are cut and brought from mountain. Local people will fill the bamboo tube with the ratio of 80% of rice and 10 % of water.  Wrap the tube with banana leaves and then burn on the fire about 1 hour and the fragrant aroma will come out.
Taking one of our Vietnam motorcycle tours to Bac Me, you will have chance to try this speciality. When you eat, please remove the black outer of the bamboo tubes by a knife to reveal the inner white cover.