Pho Vietnam, The Famous and Traditional Dish of Vietnam

Pho is a famous and traditional dish of Vietnam which is very rich in vitamin and non-fat and has been existing for a long-time because Pho was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. The main ingredient is white big threads of noodles. The dish can also be seen as a mirror that reflects Vietnamese heritage and way of life. 
Pho is easily Vietnam’s most common street food, found day through to night. The broth of Pho has fragrant and sweet taste of beef bone, peeled shrimp, shallots, ginger and roasted cardamom. Beef is boiled then sliced into thin pieces.
In the past, customers normally enjoyed “Pho” at street vendors which were very familiar with Hanoians at that time. A shoulder pole contains a small larder with some bowls, chopsticks, spice jars, beef, noodles and a pot of broth put on burning coal. Later, “Pho” stores have been formed. 
To enjoy “Pho” in the right way, please do not hesitate to sit on a small chair of street vendor or in a small house will full of fragrant smell of beef and broth.
Nowadays, the gourmet comes to eat “Pho” at famous restaurants in Hang Dong, Ly Quoc Su, Le Van Huu or Hang Bot.
Come to a restaurant on the way of Vietnam motorbike tours, you can order a bowl of “Pho” which has green onion or not, rare, medium rare or well-done beef before taking a seat. And you will get a delicious bowl of Pho after 3 minutes or maybe longer if the restaurant is famous. A bowl of Pho is a great combination of beef slices, onions and flat rice noodles in an wonderfully rich and aromatic broth.
Pho is always served with a side plate of fresh herbs to add as you please. The addition of these herbs and table condiments is an essential part of eating Pho and adds another dimension to the dish - chilli paste for a kick, fish sauce for extra saltiness, garlic vinegar for sourness.
Foreigners love Pho, whether beef or chicken very much. Some even decide to stay in Vietnam because of this wonderful dish. You are very lucky because Hanoi is a best place for the best Pho. And life is so beautiful when enjoy a bowl of Pho after an amazing Vietnam motorbike tour.
Source: ADV Vietnam Motorcyce Tours & Dirtbike Travel