Mu Cang Chai A Heaven on Earth

Mu Cang Chai commune is located in the west of Yen Bai province, 300km far from Hanoi and have a border with Lao Cai, Son La and Lai Chau province. Lying at the foot of Hoang Lien range, 1,700m above the sea level, Mu Cang Chai has an average slope angle of 40°, even up to 70° in some places. There is no big river in Mu Cang Chai, but it has a big network of small streams which originated from Hoang Lien Son range. 
Mu Cang Chai has a tropical monsoon climate with distinctive 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season with average temperature of 19ºC. It is cool in summer and cold in winter. 90% of total population of Mu Cang Chai is H’Mong, the remaining is Thai ethnic and Kinh people. Mong ethnic minority here is divided into 4 groups: White H’Mong, Black H’Mong, Flower H’Mong and Red H’Mong with special culture traditions. Mong people settle in high mountains from 800 to 1,700m. They have a lot of experience in building terraced rice fields and making traditional handicraft such as forging, casting, weaving, jewelry making…
In recent years, Mu Cang Chai has become a very popular destination to tourists, researchers and photographers. Get one of our Vietnam motorbike tours to Mu Cang Chai just only one time, you are still impressed with the richness of natural resources, the unique of traditional custom, and the hospitality of local people. 
Coming to Yen Bai, Tourists will feel surprised with grandiose mountains of Hoang Lien Son range or peaceful villages in the valley or on Khau Pha pass, stunning terraced rice fields along the mountain foot which was recognized as National Scenic Site by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2007. Terraced cultivation culture of Mong ethnic people in La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, De Su Phinh turns Mu Cang Chai (ie dried village) into green hills and beautiful field. Harvest season in Mu Cang Chai falls into autumn in September and October.  At that time, the scenery will capture your heart when ready crops transitioned to yellow, while new crops still remain in their green color. 
In spring, Mu Cang Chai looks very beautiful with pine forest, pink peach blossom, white plum flowers and between is the vast blue of the mountains. So, travelling by joining our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to Mu Cang Chai in autumn and spring to catch the best view of this beautiful land.