Moc Chau Plateau

Local girl with flower

Moc Chau plateau belongs to Sơn La Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. With its dreamlike beauty, the plateau is located in the height of 1052m above the sea level, nearly 210km from Hanoi. There are about 12 ethnic groups living together, in which the Thai people makes up the major of 31%, H’mong people: 19%, Kinh people: 16% and the remaining are Laotian, Chinese, Kho Mu, Dao, Tay people…
The atmosphere in this place is favored by nature. It is cool in summer, chilly in autumn, cold in winter and warm in spring. Moc Chau has temperate climate with average temperature of 18,5 degree celsius. One of the most tourism resources is the diversity and the unique in cultural character of ethnic minorities living here such as Dao, Thai, Mong, Kho Mu and Xinh Mun… Each group has its own unique cultural characteristics formed from long time ago with traditional values to create tourist attraction as: customs; traditional festivals; folklore (oral literature, architecture, costumes ...); performing arts (folk dances, musical instruments ...), traditional crafts; and cuisine culture.

Moc Chau in the eyes of visitors is so attractive with:

  • “Plateau”: the plateau appears with poetic, captivating, and spectacular scenery. Come to Moc Chau, you will see tea hills, vast green meadows, white plum flower, majestic mountains, the village hidden in the morning mist, the terraced fields ...
  • “Tea”: Tea is a specific plant of Moc Chau plateau. Green tea fields are stretched from hills to hills. Tea is also the quintessence of traditional agricultural culture here and is regarded as one of the most valuable specialty. Tea plantation landscape is also a feature of Moc Chau.
  • “Cross-bred Cow”: this kind of animal is very popular in Moc Chau and it is, like tea, also the symbol of Moc Chau. Moc Chau is very famous for milk and dairy products.
  • Agricultural products: Agricultural products include tropical fruit, flowers, salmon...which are not only used as everyday food for the local but also used as souvenirs for tourists. Flower farms, fruit farms, fish farms ... are all tourist attractions appealing. Peach and plum flowers are in full bloom across the hills and winding paths to villages.

This place is also appeared in the most of our Vietnam Motorcycle Tours because of its beauty of nature and local's hospitality. Besides, it has many festivals holding everyyear in honor of flower's beauy such as Ban flower festival, Peach flower festival, Lung La festival, etc which attract many tourists to experience unforgettable time with poetic scenery, cool weather and friendly people.

Source: ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel

More pics of Moc Chau

Hill of green tea

Flowers bloom all year here in Moc Chau

Attrach tourist by beauty of flower