Ma Pi Leng, The King of All Passes in Viet Nam

Ma Pi Leng pass has been recognized as a monument national scenic since 2009 granted by Ministry of Culture, Sport and tourism of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered unique heritage area of geology and landscape. The top of the pass is one of the best places to provide the most beautiful panorama in Vietnam.
Ma Pi Leng, the king of all passes in Viet Nam, is the name of the most dangerous pass in Ha Giang with total length of 20km and it lies on Happiness road which connects Ha Giang city, Dong Văn district and Meo Vac town. 
Ma Pi Leng has been built in 6 years from the 60s of the 20th century by workers who almost are the H'mong coming from Cao Bang, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang…
According to local language (Quan Hoa), “Ma Pi Leng” means “horse nose” to say about the dangerousness of the pass, the slop of the pass is too high that the house will be out of breath if he has to pass by the pass. Ma Pi Leng belongs to the road which runs along the mountainside which provides romantic, spectacular scenery and it is a truly ideal destination for tourists. Hanging on the back of the mountain, the pass hides in the clouds with other villages.
The pass lies at the height of 2000m above the sea level. Deep green Nho Que River formed more than 5 million years ago winds along pass foot. It is about 12km in length from Ma Pi Leng to Nho Que River below. The pass looks like a silk with one side is steep cliff and one side is deep chasm which is a really big challenge to any riders. 
Riding Motorbike Tours Vietnam to overcome many slopes, you will reach the peak of Ma Pi Leng. From here, you will burst in emotion, and will be overwhelmed by the majestic space of endlessly range of mountain stretching until the horizon.
Source: ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel