Long Tong Festival or Going to the Field Festival in Tuyen Quang

Every year when the new year comes, Long Tong festival or Going to the field festival is held in Thuong Lam, Lam Binh, Tuyen Quang province where the Tay people occupy 95% of total population on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

In our Vietnam Motorbike Tours to North-east of Vietnam will bring you to Tuyen Quang to learn more about the biggest agricultural festival of the northern mountainous province.  This festival is a cultural trait of the Tay people to express their thank to God of nature such as Agriculture God, Tutelary God and the God of the minority Tay people, ancestors and pray for good weather, bumper crops, good health and happiness.

All families will clean their houses to welcome visitor, the owner of house will cook some special dishes such as red and yellow sticky rice, boiled chicken, grilled fish, etc placed on the altar.

Local people will put a 3 layer shelf which made of bamboo in the middle of a large field where the festival will be held. The sorcerer will performs the rituals to pray for good weather, good crops, peaceful life, good health, etc. The offerings are local specialities including boiled chickens, cakes, rice seeds, corn seeds, peanut seeds, soya seeds, fruits, and white alcohol.

After finishing the ritual, local people together with tourists will eat the offering dishes. The festival is also a good opportunity for people who want to find lovers. Joining our Vietnam Motorbike Tour to Tuyen Quang in this occasion, you will enjoy the happy atmosphere of the festival and learn more about the culture of the Tay ethnic group via various traditional folk games which attract a lot of participants such as Con throwing, Singing and dancing contest, walking on stilts, dragging-on, cooking contest…

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