Cat Cat Village of Black H’mong in Sapa

Lies at the foot of Hoang Lien Son range and grandiose Fansipan peak, Cat Cat is a village of Black H’mong where you can find the diversity of hill tribes’ culture and untouched nature. This village is a really good place for visitors who feel tired of urban life. 
Just 2km from Sapa town do Cat Cat village is considered as the closest village to the center of the district. You can have a walk or go to Cat Cat motorbike and leave the bike at the welcoming gate of the village before walk down the village because the path is built in steps. Let’s start the journey to discover this beautiful village.
Along the small path, you can see many small houses. Local people also build houses on the mountain sides.  These houses are built based on the best features of the old architectural style of the local people as the house has 3 rooms, roof is made of pomu wood, walls are made off sawn timber. There are 3 doors: 1 main door and 2 side doors.
The main door is always closed, it is only opened the family organize wedding, funeral or worshipping.  An altar is placed in the most solemn place in the middle room. There is also a big place to store food and place for sleeping. Kitchen is also used for welcoming guests. The houses are separated with each other by terraced rice fields. Behind the house are bamboo grove and rice fields. One of the most interesting you can find in the Black H’mong house is rice mortar which can be worked without people but by water force.
On the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours to Cat Cat, riders can witness everyday activities of the local such as: cropping, or some left-hand jobs after harvest: weaving, silver carving, handicraft and agricultural tool making. Their products are fairly sophisticated. Local people will sell things they make for visitor coming here every day to earn money.   
Besides unique traditional custom of the ethnic people, Cat Cat is very famous for nature's beauty with high mountains of over 3000 m and the green rice terraces dropping nearly 1000 below.  Walking deeply into the village, you will see big waterfall on the stream and the old Hydro Electric Power Station built by the French. 
The package of Vietnam motorbike tour to Sapa and villages around is always the wondeful choice for customers. If you have time, besides Cat Cat, you can visit other villages: Lao Chai, Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai, Y Linh Ho, Ho…
Some beautiful pictures of Cat Cat village:
Source: ADV Vietnam Motorbike Tours and Dirtbike Travel