The Introduction of ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel

ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel is a very prestige company which organizes motorbike tours to all of the best destinations in Vietnam. Established in 2005, up to now ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel has welcomed so many customers who want to discover Vietnam in a very special way. We offer many kind of ride including sightseeing tour, enduro tour or a combination of both, covering everywhere in Vietnam, from North West to North East, from North to South along coast line.

Strength of ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel is organizing off-road motorbike tours because all the founders love adventure a lot and they are also the members of Dirtbike Friends club and were born to ride. Riding through jungles, crossing the rivers and stream beds and challenging yourselves with dirt-road will bring you joy and fun. Besides, Off-road riding will lead you to the remote places where you can meet a lot of friendly, hospitable, honest, simple people and you can eat, live and work with them to know more about their life.

ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel owning and operating a fleet of motorbike consists of 20 dirt-bikes including twelve Honda XR250cc and eight Honda CRF250L. All of them are in the latest models which well maintained after Vietnam motorbike tours. These bikes are modified to suit both off-road and on-road riding. It is no doubt that the quality of our bikes makes a great contribution to the success of our tours. To know more about our bikes, please click here. For managing bike’s quality, the rental is not provided widely, just for return rider who did our tour before then come back to discover Vietnam again as a self-guided ride. Besides, to ensure motorbike tour’s quality, ADV Vietnam Motorbike Tours & Dirtbike Travel commits to not use bike of third party

Based on your riding level, time frame, and interest, ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel can design the most fantastic itineraries that best suit you. Beside the available itineraries on the websites: and, you can contact us by different ways such as email:, phone, skype, facebook or meet us directly at our office to book or ask for the information about the tour.

To make things become easier and more convenient for you, ADV Vietnam Motorbike Tours & Dirtbike Travel provides many good add-on services at a very reasonable price such as airport transfer of 4, 7, 16, and 24 seat car (just provide us your flight itinerary) with price from US$30 to US$60/ way; 3 star hotel before and after the Vietnam motorbike tour from US$45/room/night; getting visa approval letter (just send us your scans of passport via email); bikes for rent to all return riders with price from US$35/day/bike; and training lessons for bikers who would like to join an off-road adventure.

And thank to the trust and support, ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel will offer a discount of 10% for all riders who come back and book our Vietnam Motorbike Tour again. The high season of motorcycle tours in Vietnam is from late October to April because it is the time of dry season, beautiful scenery and unique festivals. For low season from May to September, if you want to do the motorbike tours with us, you can have a discount of 10% of total tour cost. Please contact us to get our tariffs of vietnam motorbike tours prices.

All of your emails will have prompt reply within 24 hours. ADV Vietnam Motorbike Tours & Dirtbike Travel commits to provide support 24/7. All procedures leading to the tours will be well presented in our email or via links on website. So, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Come ride and share your mania of riding with us for one of the best trip of your life time.