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Charity & Community Activities (Sept 7-9)

Combined an Ofroad Trip and Charity activity: On September 7, 2012, Dirtbike Friends accompany with Hanoi Car Offroad Club will organize a charity event in Giao village, Yen chau, Son La. This charity jouney range about 50 kilometers across the most challenging areas of the North of Vietnam.

* September 7: Hanoi - Moc chau plateau
Leaving Hanoi at rush hour, we turn to Thang Long Boulevard. This road will lead us quickly away from the crowded city life to enjoy yourself in the peaceful rural life. The scenery of the arrival to Mai Chau is characterized with beautiful limestone mountains and colourful hill tribes who can be seen and visited on the way.
*September 8: Moc chau plateau - Giao village
After breakfast we’ll travel around Moc chau highland to wallow in its beautiful nature. Then get out the main road we will turn off the path, which will make you extremely exited with gravel stone, mud, sheer cliffs, deep abyss, spring buffalos wallow in mires along the path… we ride through Ta So, Ta Phinh and reach to Nong Truong town. This day will be the time for you to do exercise and show your riding skill with 100% offroad.
We will spend about two hours on the way to give pupil aids in secondary school there. Pupil aids for children in Giao village has been prepared by Hanoi Car Offroad Club.

* September 9: Free way to Hanoi, we will throw ourself in old highway 6 from Moc chau before hit the new highway.
Arrival in Hanoi in the afternoon that day.

Other Events

Dirtbike Friends Club's Event: Offroad Party, 20-21 June, 2015

The enduro ride is held annually in rain season in honour of club's birth day. On this 4th occasion, all of us will take a short ride together to Mu Waterfall in Ngo Luong National Reserve, 150km from Hanoi.
- Time: 20-21/6/2015
- Location: Mu Waterfall in Ngo Luong National Reserve
- Participant: Dirtbike Friends' members and friends.

The itinerary of dirt tour on two wheels:
We will gather together in front of National Convention Center and start at 5PM on next friday. This trip takes about 2 and half day, 
going through Pu luong Nature Reserve to Muong Lat town which has border bell with China. 
On second day, being careful because we will ride along Ma river on rock, mud road so pls preparing your mind and body in best condition.

You don't fear, we are always beside you he he
Let's go.

Overcoming Tay Con Linh range of mountain II

Tay Con Linh range of mountain lies on the watershed between two catchments. Streams and rivers originating in the west of the proposed nature reserve flow west, into the Chay river, which feeds the Thac Ba reservoir. Streams and rivers originating in the east of the proposed nature reserve flow east, into the Lo river, which joins the Red River in Phu Tho province.

The event is organised to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Mu Cang Chai District.

The week will introduce the beauty of the Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields as well as promote the potential, strength and unique cultural character of the Mong ethnic minority group in Yen Bai to both domestic and foreign tourists.

"Ha Giang is said to be a land of the natural majestic landscapes, the sharpness of long-standing living tradition of the hill tribe people that many tourists have not known. Located about 330km to the north of Hanoi, Ha Giang town sits in a valley surrounded by four mountains and the Lo River bending in its flow."
During: 3.5 days , from November 1st, 2012.
Style: Riding and sightseeing